Import Users

Only admins have privilege to do bulk import. In the “Users” tab, click “Bulk Import” button on toolbar to import users. There are two ways to import user:

Import from Active Directory

Users can be imported from active directory. You enter the active directory server name and other parameters. Make sure the active directory server is publicly accessible.

Import from CSV File

Users can be imported from a CSV file.

CSV File Format

An example:

"name", "email", "password", "role", "displayName", "phone", "address", "postCode", "organization", "timezone"
john.smith, "", "smithpassword", "enduser", "John Smith", "617-399-0018", "100 main street, #100, Boston, MA", "02215", "ACME", "-8"

The first line lists the column names. It is required. Order of columns does not matter.

Supported Columns

The following are supported columns. Name, password and role are mandatory, and others are optional. Order of columns does not matter.

Required and non-empty.
User’s email address.
User’s password. Required and non-empty.
One of {admin, agent, enduser}
User’s display name
User’s phone number
User’s address
User’s zip code
The organization name that the user belong to. If it does not exist yet, system will create it.
User’s time zone offsets in hours, relative to UTC (Greenwich). Thus, for example, -5 mean “five hours west of Greenwich” and +4 would mean “four hours east of Greenwich.”

Default delimiter is comma. You can specify a different one too.