Getting Started

Submit Ticket

When you signed up with iHelpdesk, you were asked to specify a site name, such as acme. Then your help desk web site is, and you were given an email address .

As an administrator of your iHelpdesk account, you can log in to your account at (or SSL enabled for paid accounts) and configure your account, such as adding users, changing logo and header style, adding ticket rules and views, etc.

Your customers can submit tickets through theses ways:

  • Send email to An email will be automatically converted to a ticket.

  • Configure your own POP3/IMAP account. For example, you can configure an IMAP account, then emails sent to it will be converted to tickets.

  • Use their existing Google/Yahoo account to log into your help desk website ( and then submit tickets there.

  • Submit ticket through feedback widget. Feedback widget can be easily integrated with your web site.


Your customers can add comments to his ticket by

  • Replying email.
  • Using the end user’s web portal to reply and manage tickets.

Manage Tickets

There are two roles: admin and agent. An admin has all privileges. An agent may not be able to see and manage all tickets, and admin can configure who has rights to view/edit certain tickets.


A ticket has properties such as status, priority, category, due date, assignee, group, etc.

When a ticket is created, its status is open. The pending status indicates an agent assigned to this ticket is waiting for an event to happen before he can work on it further. If its status is resolved, it will be automatically closed after certain amount of time. By default, closed ticket will not show up because the default ticket filter hides them. The closed tickets are in a read-only state. That is, their properties cannot be modified. Only admins and original requestor can reopen a closed ticket.

If a ticket was received from email, agent can choose whether to send reply email as well when adding a comment. The outgoing email can use our SMTP server if sender’s email is in our domain. For sender’s emails with other domains, you need to configure additional SMTP servers for them.

Account Types

When you signed up with iHelpdesk, you were given an enterprise trial account. You have 30 days to try all features. Then you will decide which plan is right for you. You can refer to this page to see the differences of plans.